The Ocean Blue brand creates apparel and products that aim to create an awareness and love for all things ocean. As part of our brand ethos, we ensure diligently that no single use plastic, or plastic packaging gets into the lifecycle of a product, ever.

The Ocean Blue commitment is also to raise awareness among customers by increasing their consciousness on environmental and social issues related to the Ocean Blue products while purchasing and using. 

The total lifecycle footprint of a Cotton T-shirt is 2.34 kg CO2, which is the total carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted from raw materials extraction, production, distribution, consumer use and disposal.

Figures rounded off to the zero for better understanding. 

Source: The Carbon Footprint Of A Cotton T-shirt. Continental Clothing Co. Ltd. 24th March 2009.

The lifecycle of this particular product identifies the consumer use as the single largest impact, constituting 48% of the value (the consumer use is made up of automatic washing, tumble drying and ironing twenty five times during the product’s useful life). Do note that this study has been done taking into account ‘standard industry practices’. The carbon footprint of using eco-friendly packaging is not identified yet.

Ocean Blue wants to transcend the product and influence the post-purchase care.  Here are the basic tips to ensure your role as a responsible customer:

1. Wash your clothes less frequently and at low temperatures
2. If it is possible, do not use the centrifuge or the dryer but hang your clothes and let them air dry. It is good for your clothes and the planet!
3. Use eco-friendly detergents
4. Donate clothes, that you no longer wear, to vintage shops or charity associations
5. Upcycle: transform your old clothes creatively
6. Reuse bags and boxes containing new clothes
7. Choose and prefer products with certification labels and/or the manufacturer’s indication of the environmental and social impact generated.
8. Our products have high quality printing and will easily last you over 70 washes when used sparingly and washed responsibly and with care. Averaged out, this is approximately 3-5 years of useful life for the product.