Brown Buddies is a community born out of a need and a desire to spread awareness about brown women in the ocean , to invite more of them into it, and to celebrate their courage. Be it adventure sports of SCUBA diving and freediving or professional fields of marine biology, ocean conservation, oceanography, and everything in between, Brown Buddies is a participatory platform made by brown women, for brown women. Currently, Brown Buddies is elevating stories of women in the oceans along India, Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

Through real life stories of these women, we hope to celebrate the courage of those who pursue their callings to the oceans despite grave cultural challenges. Through these stories and more, we hope to create a safe, brave space to express oneself freely and grow it into a knowledge and networking hub.

“Our women. Our oceans. Our courage” is our motto.


The Ocean Canvas Project

The Ocean Canvas project is our first step in bringing the diving community closer thru what we do best – art. Ocean Blue has launched the Ocean Canvas project as a platform for ocean artists to share their work and inspire the diving and ocean loving community. The main aim of the Ocean Canvas Project is to foster collaboration and bring to a wider audience the talent and artwork of the many ocean inspired artists we have in the country today. For more information on the Ocean Canvas project, visit this page