Ocean Blue is a young brand . One of the principles we have committed to, from the start of the brand, is to grow and develop without neglecting the aspects related to the environmental and social sustainability.

The Ocean Blue commitment is also to raise awareness among customers by increasing their consciousness on environmental and social issues related to the Ocean Blue products while purchasing and using.

As a result of our sustainability principle, we have identified and follow ocean friendly approaches for our apparel and products.

No single use plastic. We work constantly with our suppliers to ensure plastic use is zero.
Our apparel is made of naturally grown 100% cotton
We use eco-friendly  packaging for all our products.
We use high quality printing methods to ensure long lasting prints.

At Ocean Blue, we offer high quality 100% naturally grown cotton apparel. Our printing process utilizes high quality printing methods to create long lasting prints, thus increasing the life of the product. Please ensure you dispose the product responsibly at the end of its life cycle, either by upcycling, or recycling.

We also want to keep our customers and patrons informed about the post purchase environmental impact, and how best we can reduce our impact in various ways, from manufacture to end of life. Please visit our Responsible Customer page for more details.

By ensuring that we utilise and implement ocean-friendly approaches to our business, and keeping customers aware about best practices, we complete the cycle.

Ocean Blue firmly believes that this can be a small but important contribution to the environment and the community.